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Review: DUB Wheel Cleaner

Review: DUB Wheel Cleaner

DUB Wheel Cleaner

DUB Wheel Cleaner is developed by Meguiar’s and is a great product at a great price.  It’s available locally as well as online and has an MSRP of $8.99.  It features color-changing chemicals that turn from a yellow-green hue to a red-purple color when in contact with iron contaminants.  This color-changing action helps you know that the cleaner is working to get that pesky brake dust off your wheels.

Safe on All Wheels, Brakes, and Suspension Components

DUB Wheel Cleaner is safe to use on most finishes including chrome, painted, machined, or any factory wheel finishes.  To be safe, we recommend testing the product inconspicuous location to confirm that the cleaner is safe on your wheels.


DUB claims that this product has a Piña Caliente fragrance, and although it does smell sweeter than other wheel cleaners, it’s nothing to write home about.  In fact, we recommend using this product in an open environment with good airflow.


  • A lot of manufactures claim that their wheel cleaner does not need agitation to work.  We don’t agree with this statement, and agitation is recommended to get the nooks and crannies clean.
  • If you are sensitive to chemical smells, we recommend using a respirator.
  • We recommend using Nitrile Gloves when using any chemicals.


A picture is worth a 1000 words and the results show it.  We achieved these results with 3 tools.

DUB Wheel Cleaner Application


DUB Wheel Cleaner During


DUB Wheel Cleaner Results



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