4.5 Gallon Bucket

Chemical Guys 4.5 Gallon Bucket

Buckets go hand in hand with washing your vehicle. While local options are always nice, these are easy to order online. Remember to pick up a grit guard. A lid can also be used if you are looking to store cleaning products.


  • 4.5 Gallons
  • Works with Grit Guard and Dirt Guard
  • Aids with minimizing swirls

Why We Recommend:

If your local home goods store does not carry a bucket, then these buckets are designed for you. They look nicer than the Orange or Blue buckets found at the big home goods stores and have a Chemical Guys logo printed on them for added flair. These buckets are also smaller than a 5 gallon bucket which could be used as a seat when combined with a bucket lid. Be sure to grab a grit guard if you haven’t already as they are an invaluable tool to keep the swirls away.

Where to Purchase:

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