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10 Things You Should Know about Detailing Your Car

10 Things You Should Know about Detailing Your Car

10 Things You Should Know about Detailing Your Car

Detailing your vehicle can be a very rewarding experience.  With proper technique and quality products, you can make your vehicle look new again.

Use these tips and learn how to upgrade your car wash!

1. Never touch your car without a lubricant.

Lubricants include water, spray wax, waterless wash, soap, and quick detail spray.  Lubricants help lift contaminants from the surface so you are not grinding dirt into your paint.

2. Have a game plan. Wheels > Paint > Interior > Glass

We recommend cleaning in a specific order to avoid washing and rewashing.  Cleaning your wheels first helps prevent water spots from forming on your paint.  Wash your paint from the top down (start with the roof first).  Cleaning your glass lasts helps with any smudges from accidental touching.

3. Use at least 2 buckets.

Using multiple buckets help keep dirt particles separate from your car soap.  This helps prevent swirls on your paint by keeping dirt from coming in contact with your car.

4. Use a Grit Guard in each bucket.

Grit guards are designed to help keep dirt settled on the bottom of your bucket to stay on the bottom of your bucket.  By using one in each bucket, you help keep the dirt away from your wash mitt.  Also, you can use the grit guard to scrub your wash mitt keeping it cleaner during your detail.

5. Avoid sponges.

Microfiber towels or wash mitts are far superior to sponges for washing your car.  Microfiber can absorb more soapy water and help lift dirt off your vehicle while keeping your paint swirl-free.  Look for 300+ GSM towels.  We recommend Edgeless Microfiber Towels or a quality wash mitt.

6. Utilize air to help dry crevices.

Air tools like an air compressor or an electric blower can help dry in crevices that a waffle weave drying towel can’t reach.  Use air for your mirrors, wheels, lights and between body panels to help prevent water spots and drips as you drive away.

7. Put down the chamois.

Microfiber Waffle Weave Towels are far superior and can help pick up any dirt that may still be on the car.  Chamois Leather towels (like the Absorber or ShamWow) are great at holding water, but will drag any dirt instead of lifting it up and away from your paint.  Avoid Chamois Leather drying towels at all costs.

8. Use a spray wax to aid in drying.

Spray waxes typically have a short life span on your vehicle, but they do help with drying your car.  Apply a spray or two of spray wax directly to your microfiber waffle weave drying towel while drying your vehicle.

9. Avoid Ammonia glass cleaners.

Ammonia can damage window tint and isn’t required to get perfectly clean windows.  Use a window cleaner that is Ammonia-Free like Stoner Invisible Glass Cleaner.

10. Use your vacuum attachments.

Use all of your vacuum attachments to get to every gap, crevice, and air vent in your car’s interior.  Check your manufactures website if you need to find a vacuum auto detailing kit.


Detailing your car takes a ounce of extra effort but pays off in the end when you stand back and enjoy that shine.

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  1. Ethel October 1, 2015

    Having a “game plan” like you mentioned is incredibly smart. I hadn’t thought of starting from the top down or bottom up. I have always just done my detailing randomly. Thanks for the auto cleaning and detailing tips.


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